Are you a professional player preparing for life after football? Or have you already taken up offers to work as a co-commentator or pundit?

Have you retired from the game and haven’t yet had offers to work in broadcasting or don’t feel confident enough to put yourself forward?

Clive Tyldesley has spent the last 40 years working alongside current and ex-pros in the commentary box, and will teach you how to communicate your experience and knowledge in such a way that you give yourself the best chance of breaking into the industry.

The co-commentator’s job is a trade in itself. Once you pick up a microphone, you take on a new set of pressures and responsibilities. Clive can guide you through the challenges that the world of live television and radio present and make you broadcast-ready.

To book any of these courses, email:

Option 1 - Online

Zoom Workshops

A series of bespoke, one-to-one workshops with Clive to discuss how best to pass on your football expertise and insight during a live broadcast. This course becomes increasingly more practical and personalised as your communication skills develop.

Option 2 - In-Person

Clive comes to you

The ‘voice of football’ will visit your home or training ground to offer a day of workshops, training and practical advice.

Option 3 - Matchday

As real as it gets

Put the broadcasting skills you have attained into practice by hooking up with Clive via Zoom or Hot Mike and commentating parts of a live game with him. This option includes breaks to review and analyse your performance and a recording of the highlights for you to create a showreel to pass on to radio and television producers.

To find out more email